Company information

Manital, a manufacturer of Made in Italy handles was founded in Vobarno in 1990 by Luigi Bigoloni, who established the basis of the business philosophy and strategy: passion for design and love for detail.

Quality, Made in Italy and design are combined with the desire to experiment and innovate that have enabled Manital to be among the leading manufacturers of door and window handles since its establishment.


“HYGGE” winner of BigSEE Product Design Award.


“HYGGE” wins the Red Dot Design Award.


“SATURN” receives the Good Design Award.


In 2015 Manital turns 25 and celebrates with the arrival of the new Made in Italy handles Exa and Saturn, the latter being one of the most special and innovative projects of the Manital catalogue.


“FLAT” Red Dot Design Award Honourable Mention.


“ALAMARO” winner of Good Design Award; in the same year, was included in the Manital catalogue with an important USI Ultra Slim Innovation rosette (Patented)


“CARMEN” third prize International Design Award.


“DOTS” wins the International Design Award.


Was the year in which a new handle concept was confirmed. Considered a prestigious and luxury furnishing item, valuable materials as leather or Swarovski crystal were used and were implemented in the Polaris and Slim models.


EURISPES – Manital placed among the 100 Italian Excellences; in the same year “DOTS” second prize International Design Award.


Manital was among the 150 companies awarded by Conindustria “Awards for excellence” in the category “Impresa campione del Made in Italy nel mondo (Leading company of Made in Italy products worldwide).


The expansion experienced in the markets of the five continents and the collaboration with numerous other designers such as Titi Cusatelli, Itamar Harari, and the Hotlab Studio, drove the company to build a new plant in Gavardo, always in the province of Brescia.


The Amleto handle was created by the excellent architectural skills of the Sottsass Associati designer studio.


The designer handle Nautilus was created and the collaboration with Mauro Artusio began.


The corporate image underwent a major change with the creation of a new logo and new corporate image, thus renewing the entire corporate identity. The company began the collaboration with designer Paolo Pedrizzetti in the same year.


Was the year in which many production processes became automated due to the introduction of a robotised brushing plant with a semi-automatic assembly procedure. The storage system was also quickened by installing a computerised system. These measures enabled Manital to reduce the time needed to manufacture the handles while maintaining product quality.


The collaboration with Maurizio Giordano and Roberto Grossi began, who then designed 12 Made in Italy handles, including the Giava model. The Petra handle, designed by Valentina Downey was also launched in the same year.


Dorina Camusso designed the Le Mans model and Simon Quick, the Daytona model; in the same year, Manital also carried out important renovation work with a new lacquering plant, enabling the company to further upgrade the production quality of its door and window handles.


Studio Manital designed its first handles with the Orchidea and Veronica models.


It began manufacturing designer handles thanks to the collaboration with designer Davide Mercatali with the Luna and Leva models.


Manital was founded in Vobarno.