Designer Handles Made in Italy

Have you ever thought about the creativity and genius that lie in the history of designer handles?

Ever since they decorated the doorways of cathedrals, basilicas and palaces, Italian artists are famous all over the world  for their creative genius. and these works still today represent the masterpieces of Italian art and creativity.

Today, perhaps, we don’t call them artists but designers, but for  Manital, the designers we work with are real artists who design small art masterpieces with their talent and intuitiveness.

The door, in fact, is an essential element of our homes, it acts as a shelter but we could call it “the visiting card” of our houses since it is the first element that presents itself before our guests upon their arrival and the last one before return to their homes.
A very important detail of this element is the handle that allows the door to be opened and closed. A small but essential component that Manital transforms “From an opening tool to a precious piece of furniture for architecture …” (Luigi Bigoloni).

All this happens thanks to the synergy between the creativity of the best Italian designers with whom Manital collaborates and the technical innovation of the products that are developed every day within the company by highly qualified specialists. A combination of formal design and functional design to create unforgettable designer handles.

From Maurizio Giordano & Roberto Grossi to Maurizio Giordano from Titi Cusatelli  to Doriana e Massimiliano Fuksas

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