Italian door handles manufacturers since 1990

Manital was founded in 1990 as a manufacturer of Italian door handles.

By investing in design and innovation, Manital, in almost 30 years of production, has succeeded in redefining quality and stylistic standards in the production of door and window handles.
Production is 100% Made in Italy; every detail and every processing step is entrusted to highly qualified specialists within the company structure.

Fundamental element for the international affirmation of this “Made in Italy” is the close collaboration established by the company with some of the best Italian and international designers.

Mission: introducing designer handles element in the production of Italian door handles

Quality and style therefore continually combine with the desire to experiment and innovate, allowing Manital to always be at the forefront, aiming for excellence and differentiation, thus allowing the production of Italian luxury handles.

Differentiation made possible thanks to flexibility, the secret ingredient of its success is the ability to adapt an innovative style, cultivated under the canons of refinement and elegance, to the technical specifications of different countries, thus satisfying the different needs and requirements.