Window and Door handles accessories

Door Accessories and Door Stopper

Doors and Door Accessories are an essential element of our homes, they act as shelter but also as a visiting card of ours being the first element that appears before our guests upon arrival and the last before their return to their homes . When it is open the threshold can be considered the place of welcome or farewell. The door is an element of opening (or closing) towards the world.

For Manital, enhancing every single door element is essential. And what better starting point if not from the handles or even better from the accessories handles doors and windows?

Pull handles, lift and pull handles, escutcheons and knobs;  but also door knokers, sliding doors rose like Otto and Flat designed by Mario Mazzer which represents a real innovative system. In a single plate that wraps the door on three sides, the opening and closing functions are integrated while the drag and opening function take place in the upper part of the plate, pressing a disk aligned with it.