MANITAL 2019 Novelties

Our 2019 catalogue has been enriched with novelties for windows and doors handles

Manital has always invested in research and development for its window and door handles. Manital’s latest novelties have been a great success right from Hygge to Bimyou, from the Fenice line to the Saturn line.

The latter is located at the Bluewaters Hotel in Dubai, the last artificial paradise desired by the Dubai Sheikh and Prime Minister Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Designed by Mario Mazzer and Giovanni Crosera, with its ring shape it recalls the island’s Ferris wheel, destined to be the largest in the world and a new icon to dominate the Dubai skyline.

Saturn also stands out for its important sizes, its rosette is 180 mm wide and 152 mm high and is composed of two disks: one external, to which the handle is applied, and an internal one available in various finishes and finishes and also customizable with laser engravings. The finish chosen for the whole hotel is anthracite and black leather for the internal disk.

Saturn will therefore be a characteristic element of the door, ideal for important, elegant and well-defined environments.