Ultra slim innovation

Ultra Slim Door Handles

Discover our Ultra Slim Innovation collection for your slim door handles

Manital Ultra Slim Door Handles are characterized by a real game of volumes, shapes and proportions able to give a modern and trendy design.

Among the most appreciated Ultra Slim Handles of our catalog are surely Amleto, Morphos, Tredy and Wind.

Furthermore, the Ultra Slim Innovation rosette is a technical and formal innovation that allows, in just 3 millimeters, the perfect opening and closing of the door. This rosette is able to further enhance the handle and door design.

The Ultra Slim Innovation rosette can be applied to the entire range of Manital products and is a “patent pending” model.

By investing in design and innovation, Manital, in almost 30 years of production, has succeeded in redefining quality and stylistic standards in the production of door and window handles.
Production is 100% Made in Italy; every detail and every processing step is entrusted to highly qualified specialists within the company structure.