Special Versions

Special Door Handles

Manital wide selection of special door handles for interiors and exteriors

Among Manital most famous  special door handles in the world, certainly include Giava and Athena.

The former can be defined as the elegant and timeless handle present at the Radisson Royal Hotel in Moscow best luxury business hotel in the world.

The second, instead, is the result of the creed of the two designers who planned the year, Maurizio Giordano and Roberto Grossi, that is “the image and the substance can coincide in all their work”. This meant that Athena was even used inside the Burj Khalifa of Dubai.

This is because the circular objects and the curved lines, soft and rounded, are reassuring and welcoming.
Many of our handles, in fact, enhance these shapes making them contemporary and essential.

Discover all the handles of the “Special Versions” line of Manital such as the America Series, Plaza and Quadra.