Swarovski Door Handles

Discover our wide selection of luxury Swarovski door handles

For those looking for handles with a luxurious design, Manital dedicates its line of  its Swarovski door handles.

That’s how our Clinia handle, designed by the designer Mario Mazzer, sees the addition of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS inserts giving life to: Shiny, Solitaire, Diamonds, Lux and Slim.

Furthermore, our Clenia has helped to create the luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere and the details of the “Arkup Avant-garde life on water” project. Real extra-luxury floating villas proposed by Arkup to sail in the Bay of Miami or to live, with an exclusive, unique and sustainable style.

This Manital model fits perfectly with the refined taste and the avant-garde of the project. The square lines, the balanced proportions, the inclined downward grip of Clinia contribute to the definition of the contemporary and refined environment of this project that combines the characteristics of the best yachts with self-sufficiency, stability, comfort to the safety of a house on earth.